The church must continue to rise up in this area. In our nation alone, sixty million children have been murdered by abortion. If the church does nothing, babies in the womb will continue to die and our nations will only be placed under the compounded wrath of God. At this point, God has saved thousands of children as a result of this ministry and emboldened local churches to declare the Gospel before their local governments, demanding an immediate end of abortion. As a result of our generous donors and ministry supporters, local churches are continuing to be equipped in order to see this evil vanquished once and for all.

We believe that the issue of abortion is the premiere battlefront of the Christian Church in this generation. Our plea is that the Bride of Christ would recognize this and run to the battlefront where the war is being waged for the souls of men, the lives of children and the future of our nation. Over forty years ago, the Supreme Court uttered a lie and codified child sacrifice into law. Since then, the span of four decades has left in its wake millions of sacrificed children while the church has largely been silent.

Whether you have hours or just a few moments, you are needed to speak up for your preborn neighbors! United, we are a powerful force, under Christ, bringing the evil of abortion underneath his feet using his message by the power of His Spirit.